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The Poet Inside Me Will Never Die

The Poet Inside Me Will Never Die

The Poet Inside Me Will Never Die(Paperback)

Author : Mukesh Chandra Panday
Publisher : Uttkarsh Prakashan

Length : 112Page
Language : English

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Literature is the mirror of society . literature starts with the thinking when a person starts pondering about the society -- the birth of literature takes place . literature has two roles -- the first role is for the betterment of the society and the second is presenting the true picture or scenario of that time .creation or creativity is very uphill task . writer is like brahma and he has to create all things small or great . mukesh chandra panday has himself admitted that he has taken six years to complete this project . panday is bilingual writer and it is two edged sword to write in two languages hindi or english.the writer has himself admitted, ``always i have flowed in with my own personal feelings and forgotten that i am supposed to write about the thought behind `the poet inside me will never die`. his poems in hindi are marvellous because these flow straight from his heart and feelings . in the first poem, `ek kavita bah nikli` proves that this poem has flowed straight from his heart . other poems entitled `nanhi kopal, nanhe fool, dishaye kehti hai, aage badha, meri dayari, me or mera saya, uljhan` all these poems are wonderful blend of imagery and imagination . these poems have flowed from straight the heart . english stories-- this section contains such wonderful and marvellous stories like `dream again, when it is lunar eclipse, thou art, the war : a free from verse, a selfish new day, om, a poet inside me will never die, love the way you are, dark truth, bridge of my imagination, kite, wine and thou, shiva, tabla, hope, a dream, refusal, rising sun, thoughts turned into quotations. all these stories are wonderfully crafted to cater the need of the people . these stories are marvelllous because these represent some contemporary problem with neat and clean style . mr.panday is master craftsman because he presents his feelings through words . he has presented much in very little words .

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PublisherUttkarsh Prakashan
Number of Pages112
Publication Year2013

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