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The More I Desired

The More I Desired

The More I Desired(Paperback)

Author : Pradeep Atrey
Publisher : Uttkarsh Prakashan

Length : 294Page
Language : English

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the more i desired… the story of a young man caught up in conflicting issues from extra-marital affair to faith in familial bond, from male chauvinism inherited from his father to extreme freedom for the individual bordering on bohemianism, freedom of sexual orientation, homosexuality, love, hatred …. suddenly, there was a rush of emotions in his heart and his eyes were moist. he moved away from the tea-stall. 'where am i now? and what am i doing here? he looked at the great sea of people rushing to and fro, trains arriving and leaving; he heard announcements being made every minute or so, and he saw coolies carrying loads of luggage in their hands and upon their head, and he saw rich people haggling while paying them money. 'what am i doing here?

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PublisherUttkarsh Prakashan
Number of Pages294
Publication Year2015

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