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Contemporary Contemplations On Comparative Literature

Contemporary Contemplations On Comparative Literature

Contemporary Contemplations On Comparative Literature(Hardcover)

Author : Dr.c.ramya
Publisher : Uttkarsh Prakashan

Length : 192Page
Language : Hindi

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Modern age is an age of disintegration and interrogation. accepted beliefs, available traditions and age-old conventions are being questioned and broken. imperialism has been replaced by internationalism. life situations have got changed to a considerable extent, for which the study of literature is chosen so as to picturize the literary perspective – both comparative and conceptualized. it is an accepted fact that literature is a picture more or less true, more or less inspiring of actual life. every country has its own literature in order to mirror its life, but every literature is also an expression of emotions, ideas and ideals which give a permanent value and which are of immense interest for men in every age and country. this does obviously account for the permanence and universality of great works of literature left behind by people in remote ages and countries. truly speaking, literature is not confined to a single age but to all ages; not to one country but to all countries. there are various genres in literature out of which poetry, prose and drama comprise the three major forms. all these major forms may find a place in the study of comparative literature. comparative literature is a study of literature is essentially a critical activity which may take place at various levels namely the generic level, the level of cross-cultural interactions and manifestations, a level of mythical, archetypal of folklorish or again the level of interlingual movements, thereby kindling the mind of the scholar to do good justice to the work concerned...... i am grateful to my family members, friends, supporters, colleagues and well-wishers for all the help due to which i could accomplish this book. i am equally thankful to mr. hemant sharma, the managing director, uttkarsh prakashan, meerut and new delhi for publishing this book with every minute care, uniqueness and promptness. -dr. c. ramya (author)

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PublisherUttkarsh Prakashan
Number of Pages192
Publication Year2020

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