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Lamp Of Love

Lamp Of Love

Lamp Of Love(Paperback)

Author : Dr. Ram Sharma
Publisher : Uttkarsh Prakashan

Length : 80Page
Language : English

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foreword heart is a vast radiant burst; igniting within cosmic creation's living breaths.the spirit opens infinite soul through love's transmissions of caring for everyone and all. each poem within this collection, entitled "lamp of love" deeply resonates within "thee and thine" and vibrates metaphysically in the realm of heart; growing love's liberation for peace and harmony with all universality! dr. ram sharma is a caring soul, offering deep spiritual heart within his loving insight for the humanity. there's ever an urgent need within, for divine ignition to flow upon light's inner pathway.with a caring soul,we'll need to step confidently on to life's meaningful journeys that move as conscious liberation;sharing all light's magnificent healing ways with everyone. dr. ram's poetry connects within his deep vibrancy of peace;igniting a steady flame within these simple living verses.he ushers forward a peaceful path for stewardship and care of light's unconditional flow; shining more brightly,to light love's lamp within heart! throughout his life's journey, dr. ram gifts a vast and uplifting vision. living humbly, he shares ancient yogic practices, pranayama breathing, sacred om meditation, vedic teachings and prayerful sacred fire ceremonies. dr. ram's poems awaken universal harmony of peace. with whole love's heart resonating within, may we alight together... humanity's lamp of love! dr. carolyn d. heising iowa state university. usa

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PublisherUttkarsh Prakashan
Number of Pages80
Publication Year2015

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