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A Text Book Physical Optics & Laser

A Text Book Physical Optics & Laser

A Text Book Physical Optics & Laser (Paperback )

Author : Dr. R.s. Baghel Dr. Sanjay Kumar Dr. Vipin Gupta Dr. Anjani Kumar
Publisher : Uttkarsh Prakashan

Length : 82Page
Language : English

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This book is writin by dr. r.s. baghel, dr. sanjay kumar dr. vipin gupta and dr. anjani kumar................. syllabus: physical optics and lasers b.sc. 2nd year paper-1st unit-1 interference of light: the principle of superposition, two-slit interference, coherence requirement for the sources, optical path retardations, lateral shift of fringes, rayleigh refractometer, and other applications. localized strings: thin films, applications for precision measurements for displacements. haidinger fringes: fringes of equal inclination, michelson interferometer, its application for precision determination of wavelength, wavelength difference, and the width of spectral lines. twyman green interference and its uses. intensity distribution in multiple beam interference, tolansky fringes, fabry-perrot interferometer, and etalon. unit-2 fresnel diffraction: fresnel half-period zones, plates, straight edge, rectilinear propagation. fraunhofer diffraction: diffraction at a slit, half-period zones, phasor diagram and integral calculus methods, the intensity distribution, diffraction at a circular aperture and a circular disc, resolution of images, rayleigh criterion, resolving power of telescope and microscopic systems, the outline of phase contrast microscopy. diffraction gratings: diffraction at n parallel slits, intensity distribution, plane diffraction grating, refraction grating and blazed gratings. concave grating and different mountings. resolving power of a grating comparison with resolving powers of prism and a fabry-perrot etalon. unit-3 polarization, double refraction in uniaxial crystals, nicol prism, polaroids, and retardation plates, babinet's compensator, analysis of polarised light, optical activity and fresnel's explanation, half shade, and biquartz polarimeters. matrix representation of plane-polarized waves, matrices for polarizers, retardation plates and rotators, application to simple systems. unit-4 laser system: purity of a special line, coherence length and coherence time, spatial coherence of a source, einstein's a and b coefficients, spontaneous and induced emissions, conditions for laser action, population inversion. application of lasers: pulsed lasers and tunable coherence and directionality, estimates of beam intensity; temporal coherence, and spectral energy density.

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PublisherUttkarsh Prakashan
Number of Pages82
Publication Year2023

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