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Israel, Hamas And World

Israel, Hamas And World

Israel, Hamas And World (Paperback )

Author : Dr. Ashok Kumar Yadav
Publisher : Uttkarsh Prakashan

Length : 144Page
Language : English

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Acknowledgement: i extend my heartfelt gratitude to the esteemed editorial board members for their invaluable guidance and insightful feedback throughout the publication process. special thanks to the authors whose profound contributions shed light on the intricate history of israel, its global economic ramifications, india's pivotal role in the dispute, the pervasive curse of terrorism, and the nuanced governmental systems in israel. your dedication has enriched this work and contributed to fostering a deeper understanding of these critical topics. embrace the power of your words! by sharing your valuable insights on crucial topics like israel, hamas, and their global impact, you contribute to a deeper understanding of complex issues. your knowledge has the potential to shape perspectives, foster dialogue, and inspire positive change. let your voice be the catalyst for informed discussions that resonate far beyond the pages of your book. your contribution matters and the world eagerly await the wisdom you bring to these pressing matters. dr. ashok kumar yadav dr. anil rawat dr. reeba devi

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PublisherUttkarsh Prakashan
Number of Pages144
Publication Year2024

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